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Bloomberg Brings New Meaning to the Term ‘Sanitize’

Last night, NYC Mayor and genuine mainstream media mogul-cum-1%er Mike Bloomberg paid a personal visit to Liberty Plaza to notify #occupywallstreet protesters that he was done acknowledging their right to peaceably assemble–a right he has up until now been unwilling to deny existed in the U.S. Constitution–but instead was going to remove them by force from the park that has been their home for the last month under the auspices of “cleaning” the park.  Ultimately, the Occupiers have been told, they would be allowed to return to the park, but without any of their equipment, sleeping bags, etc.  After all, they must “follow the rules.”

As an adherent of the public workers who protested the draconian, extra-legal actions of Republican Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature in Winter 2011, these Goon Squad tactics bear a strong semblance to the move to “clear” the Wisconsin State House during that time of peaceful occupation.  As the reader may recall, protesters were removed in order to “clean” the State House at that time, and then were not allowed to re-enter the building, despite a requirement in the Wisconsin Constitution that citizens have access to their State House and legislators.  People in Wisconsin, peaceful and law-abiding as they were, found themselves “duped” by the authorities, locked out of their own government, and told their rights had no meaning.

Will the Occupiers in Liberty Plaza, who speak for the 99% of us who have been locked out of our own government by the interests of Wall Street, and told their rights to peaceably assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances have no meaning, fall for the same lies as the Occupiers in Madison?  Or will they stand up?  Will Michael Bloomberg really arrest the thousands of Americans, old and young, employed and unemployed, student and teacher, veteran and peace activist, who all agree that he and his ilk are the problem with America, not the solution?  And does he honestly think that sanitizing this Park–which is truly meant to be the sanitation of the consensus-based democracy and the collective care for the needs of all members of society that have been the true protest taking place near Wall Street, and the development that truly disturbs the 1% who own Congress and the White House–will end the Occupy Movement?  Tune in tomorrow at 6 am (this illegal and unconstitutional mass arrest by NYPD, should it take place, will be televised on to find out how far elected officials and their NYPD White Shirts will go to defend the interests of the 1%ers and the rest of the global corporate elite.


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