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What #occupywallstreet is doing right…

Livestreams.  Media teams.  General Assemblies.  Modified Consensus decision-making…  These are the hallmarks of a truly organic and democratic process.

As America finally begins to understand, follow, and embrace the #Occupywallstreet movement, it is becoming clear that this is NOT just a protest.  This is a culture.  This is a lifestyle choice.  This is an authentic alternative to a form of society where people surrender their natural rights to a government controlled by non-human corporations.

Most importantly, #Occupywallstreet is choosing to resist the typically American reaction to war with those who disagree with their methods, their targets, or the reasons they believe we have come to this sorry state in American history.  The people living in Liberty Plaza, and occupying the myriad cities around this nation, are rightly embracing all comers who wish to participate in the open process that OWS and all the #Occupiers have chosen as the valid method for redressing grievances and floating solutions.  At the end of the day, the open practice of democracy, listening to various opinions, and working together to agree on a common objective is the truly radical act.

Remember that the two major parties, mainstream media, and the 1% want #Occupywallstreet at each other’s throats.  They want OWS to turn on the Tea Party.  They want the 99% to fight amongst themselves.  Let’s not give them the satisfaction.  Let’s continue to have compassion and empathy for each other–an act that scares them most of all.


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