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A New Direction

Fellow Americans and Citizens of the Global Community.

In the wake of President Obama’s signing of the so-called “debt ceiling deal” this week, it has become evident to this writer that American Government continues to fail its people.  This latest incident, already hailed as one of the truly epic failures of opportunity in American history, serves to drive this point home further, like one more nail in a coffin.  The “deal” is being seen by the vast majority of Americans for what it is–an abandonment of any attempt to show the American people that the average citizen of this country still has even a vestige, even a splinter, of the influence over American Government that the average corporate board holds.  This new law represents Congress’ and the President’s unwillingness to continue to masquerade as a Government of, by, and for the People.  In fact, this law is so blatant in its disregard for social and economic justice, that its passage and signing insults us.  It is proof positive that the Government no longer believes Average Americans are smart enough to see what it has done, and no longer cares even if they are.

Today, we Move in A New Direction.

This weblog will be dedicated to the premise that American Government is not beyond saving, but rather can be restored once we abandon our need to justify its current actions and positions.  This site will promote the notion that American Government in its current form is broken, but not unfixable.  This writer, and the posts, articles, ideas, and comments shared here, will approach this growing American problem as one that can, in fact, be solved.  This will require viewing our situation from a new perspective, where party is irrelevant (if not part of the problem itself) and the mainstream media is complicit.

Come forward with your best dreams and hopes for this nation and real concepts for making them a reality.  Come forward with your real ideas for Solving America.


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